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I’m bombarded daily by news. It starts in the morning with husband’s look at the weather, today’s and the week. Then world/national news and local shootings and traffic accidents with a house fire or two through the night.

There isn’t any good economic news. The nation is set to collapse. The world is set to collapse too. Governments seek to ‘fix’ everything. Though, it’s the people who can make a difference, not rulers, presidents, representatives.

But we’re drowning in laws, regulations. We’re working hard to keep our heads above water and care for our families. But prices on everything are going up and our retirement savings have been taken away by stock market drops. There’s no place to put anything saved. We lose our principle in every place we used to sock a little money.

I’m looking for a person to run for president who will tell me there is hope. Real hope. Hope for my country. Hope for my family. Hope for the world. After Mr. Cain suspended his campaign, I see no one that fits that bill.

So I’ll just lean on Jesus. And do what I can to take his Gospel to those in need. I don’t know what others do without Him. He’s the only sanity in my world. He’s the only one with Good News. ♡♡♡

Is. 40:9 You who tell good news to Zion, go up on a high mountain; you who tell good news to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with strength; lift it up, don’t be afraid; say to the cities of Judah, Behold, your God!

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Be Aware! You Are Being Manipulated By Your Government

Our government has been busy, since at least the 1950′s, manipulating public opinion in foreign countries. But we also know they did it to us back then as well.

Be aware! And always question what you hear and see especially from the main stream media, TV and radio, and also on all the internet, social media, ie., twitter, Facebook, and all the rest.

Knowledge is power.


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Study: Moms on antidepressants risk having autistic baby boys

Study: Moms on antidepressants risk having autistic baby boys.

Major study shows that pregnant women who take antidepressants during the first trimester of their pregnancy are three times more likely to have children with autism. And boys are the most effected.

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Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.14.14


This truly sums it all up.

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Columbus, Georgia…The next Gosnell?


” …the word abortion could not possibly have the word “regulation” in the same sentence; …”
How many more abortion clinics out there like Herman Gosnell’s?

Originally posted on A Hot Cross Bun:

Columbus, Georgia is about to make headline news and I am begging someone to listen before a Gosnell like story is thrown into all of our living rooms on the evening news with Columbus Women’s Health Organization on Rosemont Drive as the backdrop.

Columbus Women’s Health Organization in Columbus, GA

Chattahoochee Valley United for Life (CVUL), a GRTL chapter, has been working tirelessly for years to get a health inspection for Columbus Women’s Health Organization, an abortion clinic in Georgia owned by Diane Derzis. CVUL thought that the clinic had found every loophole available to sidestep any oversight by the city or state, but that isn’t the case at all. Instead, city and state laws do not seem to have any jurisdiction to step into a privately owned ‘medical office’ and clean house…

Could that really be the case?

Derzis, the clinic’s owner has a disgusting track record of maintaining…

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Antarctic ice near all time high levels


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If You Think the Sky is Falling, Check out the Prophecies of the 1970s



From Michael Barrone on Rasmussen’s site:


Forty years is roughly the length of a working lifetime — and long enough for history to have taken some unexpected turns. And to have proved that long-term forecasts based on extrapolations of existing trends usually end up wide of the mark.

The list of failed prophecies from the 1970s is rather long. The conventional wisdom of the time was more than usually unreliable.

Example: the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth report in 1972, which predicted that the world was running out of oil and other natural resources. For a while that seemed right, as the 1973 and 1979 OPEC oil price hikes led to gas lines in the United States.

But in the longer run, as the Club came to recognize, engineers and entrepreneurs found more oil and other natural resources and figured out how to get them to market. Capitalism works, and in ways planners don’t expect.

Another common assumption in the early 1970s was that Britain was a fusty, antiquated country that had to join the modern, up-to-date Common Market (now the European Union). Europe’s war-devastated economies had actually grown faster than Britain’s in the quarter-century after World War II.

Fast forward to today. It is Europe that looks out of date, with zero economic growth and economies smothered by sclerotic regulation, overlarge welfare states and the poorly conceived euro.

Britain got rid of much of that under Margaret Thatcher and John Major. And thanks to Gordon Brown, it wisely avoided the euro. Now it’s growing solidly while the continent lags.

A third bit of conventional wisdom from the 1970s is that Asia generally and China in particular could never grow because of the burden of overpopulation.

But Asia’s state-led capitalism and Deng Xiaoping’s adoption of that model in 1978 has made Asia the growth capital of the world. Hundreds of millions have risen from poverty.

As for the population bomb, the biggest problem for Asia and China today is low birth rates and a contracting work force. These stopped growth in Japan and may do so elsewhere.

A final thing taken for granted in the 1970s was the enduring strength of the Soviet Union. It was, after all, ramping up its military even as America was recoiling from defeat in Vietnam.

Many seers predicted that the Soviet and Western models would converge, and that Soviet living standards would approach America’s.

It turned out that the very few leaders who predicted the demise of the Soviet Union — Ronald Reagan, Daniel Patrick Moynihan — got it right. America, once it got the will, could outclass the Soviet military, and economic stagnation and ethnic tensions brought down the “evil empire.”

There are common threads running through these mistaken projections. One is the extrapolation of recent trends far into the future. History doesn’t proceed like a straight line on a graph; sometimes the lines bend.

Another is the assumption that progress means ever-larger states and increasing superintendence by international elites.

But much unpredicted progress has occurred when nations freed markets from the grip of centralized states and private sectors produced innovation that the supposed experts failed to anticipate.

A third common thread builds on the insight of economist Herbert Stein, who said that anything that could not go on forever would some day stop.

This prompts a question: Which of the widely accepted prophecies of today will seem as invalid today as the Club of Rome report? I have my own nominations, made with some confidence since actuarial tables tell me I will not be here in 40 years.

One is that the Chinese Communist regime will remain in place. Remember that it seemed on the verge of tottering in Tiananmen Square in 1989. It’s lasted 25 years since, thanks largely to robust economic growth.

But certain dates in history — 1789, 1917, 1991 — tell us that sudden upheaval is possible when a regime’s legitimacy seems exhausted.

And will today’s conventional wisdom that the planet faces inevitable warming seem as risible in 2054 as the Club of Rome’s prediction of exhausted resources seems today?

We are told that “the science is settled,” when it is in the nature of science never to be settled, but always to be subject to verification and revision. I think we’re in for more of that.

Finally, those widely shared views that America’s best days are over. That’s never been a good bet and I suspect it never will be.

Michael Barone, senior political analyst at the Washington Examiner, (, where this article first appeared, is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a Fox News Channel contributor and a co-author of The Almanac of American Politics. To find out more about Michael Barone, and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at


As I look back in my professional life, I can count many things medical science viewed as factual early in my nursing career. But now, 40 years later, most of those ‘truths’ have now been proven wrong.

From gastric ulcers caused by type A, highly stressed personalities to bed rest being required after surgery for 3-5 days, each of these ideas have been knocked to the ground by ongoing science and experience in outcomes and the research into newly found bacteria that actually causes gastric ulcers (heliobacter pylori).

So, read this article and the list of the prophecies we had in the 1970′s and then look at what has happened. Then realize just what has been prophesied in our age today and begin to wonder what will turn out to be true-if any.

Science is never final. It is constantly refined and expanded. The day it is final we will all be in heaven and will know everything.


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Another WACO?

Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9′s.

Bureau of Land Management, Federal Government, is taking cattle from a rancher and disallowing him to graze them on federal land which has been done for 150 years. The land was confiscated from the state by the federal government and now the rancher is disallowed from even recording what the BLM is doing there from, recording from public property.

Oathkeepers is calling for members to come and defy the BLM. 
Treacherous Nev. dispute evolving into the next Waco or Ruby Ridge?




Twitchy has a post with tweets:


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19 Students and 1 Security Guard Injured in School Attack This Morning.


20 injured in Murraysville School This Morning.

If you read this, you’ll find out that all of these students and the security guards were injured badly this morning with two knives carried by one sophomore student.


Bet ya thought he had a gun, huh?


girl-blowing-kiss-smiley-emoticonBTW, this was the school district right next to the school district I lived in. It was rural so it was quite a shock to me this morning. Of course it’s not really rural today…

Addendum: This tragedy leaves us with some serious injuries of children and a security guard. One child is in a medically induced coma to allow his body to heal. I prayed for these people.

So what are we doing about these attacks? 

Why are children killing each other?

And how can we protect our children?

If you have any thoughts I would be happy to air them. Just forget about guns. This is not our problem. It’s children attacking children.  This attack was not with a gun. But it was up close and personal with a knife-2 knives. 


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Louie Gohmert v. Eric Holder: House Judiciary Committee

Mr. Holder tells Mr. Gohmert, “Buddy. You don’t want to go there.”

This, after Mr. Gohmert tells Mr. Holder, “Contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general.”

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Do these stats bother you?



This is very disturbing to me.

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