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I’m bombarded daily by news. It starts in the morning with husband’s look at the weather, today’s and the week. Then world/national news and local shootings and traffic accidents with a house fire or two through the night.

There isn’t any good economic news. The nation is set to collapse. The world is set to collapse too. Governments seek to ‘fix’ everything. Though, it’s the people who can make a difference, not rulers, presidents, representatives.

But we’re drowning in laws, regulations. We’re working hard to keep our heads above water and care for our families. But prices on everything are going up and our retirement savings have been taken away by stock market drops. There’s no place to put anything saved. We lose our principle in every place we used to sock a little money.

I’m looking for a person to run for president who will tell me there is hope. Real hope. Hope for my country. Hope for my family. Hope for the world. After Mr. Cain suspended his campaign, I see no one that fits that bill.

So I’ll just lean on Jesus. And do what I can to take his Gospel to those in need. I don’t know what others do without Him. He’s the only sanity in my world. He’s the only one with Good News. ♡♡♡

Is. 40:9 You who tell good news to Zion, go up on a high mountain; you who tell good news to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with strength; lift it up, don’t be afraid; say to the cities of Judah, Behold, your God!

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Judge Grouch dodging the punches of the Dems at his congressional hearing.

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IF there is no God, murder isn’t wrong

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Never fear who controls your country…

Prov. 21:1    The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases.

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Traditional Christian theology tends to regard God in Greek, rather than Hebrew, terms.

Hebrew for Christians

Jesus spoke Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew.

But his root were God ordained: Hebrew.

Traditional Christian theology tends to regard God in Greek, rather than Hebrew, terms. Indeed, the word “theology” itself is Greek (not Hebrew) and refers to the “study of God” (θεός + λόγος), implying that God is an “object” that could be looked at, “analyzed,” and known as a “thing” or divine “substance.” To the ancient Greeks, the idea of God is disclosed through a process of intellectual abstraction — through “negative theology” (i.e., denying predicates of human language to the divine), and so on. Ultimately this led to the Greek ideal of God as an “Unmoved Mover,” an Immutable Divine Mind, and so on. Insofar as the early church embraced pagan Greek assumptions and thinking, its attempt at understanding God followed course, and even the study of the Scriptures became a kind of linguistic archaeology, where specimens (i.e., “texts”) were looked at, a taxonomy was created, and the entire system was displayed as a museum for the mind…
How different is the picture of God we see during Moses’ personal intercession on behalf of Israel, when he spoke “face to face” (i.e., panim el panim: פָּנִים אֶל־פָּנִים) with the LORD from the midst of the cloud. Here we see God “breathing deeply,” that is, expressing regret or feeling compassion in response to the actions of His sinful people (i.e., nacham: נָחַם). God is not some static object but rather a dynamic and forceful Person. Unlike the Greek philosophers who tended to regard God as little more than a “machine” (deus ex machina) or device that caused the universe to “get going,” the LORD God of Israel is intensely personal, feeling, emotional, compassionate, angry, and so on. The Hebrew view of God is that of a Living Person, a Speaking Word, and a Fiery Breath broods that over the events of the physical world.

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IF you’re gonna fight…

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Pipelines: How horrible!


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Woman’s “Top 10 Reasons I Am No Longer A Leftist” Goes Viral


You went to an anti-war rally because you hated Bush, not because you loved peace. Thus, when Obama bombed, you didn’t hold any anti-war rally, because you didn’t hate Obama.

There is much more. It’s a very long thesis about why this woman is no longer a leftist. It showed me the mind set of these people in hatred, victimism, arrogance, selective outrage, good intentions versus actual solidly good actions, hatred of the working class (YES, REALLY!), hatred of God, and their use of lies.

This truly helps me understand their very human mindset/worldview. 

It’s all negative!


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s February 28, 2017, ‘The Night the Democratic Party Died’?

Is February 28, 2017, ‘The Night the Democratic Party Died’?



I was once a Democrat. In those days, I thought I was on the team of truth, justice, and the American way. It was fun to be a Democrat then. But… Bye, bye Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry. I woke up.

I’m no longer a Democrat (it’s been many years now), and though on the rarest of occasions I worried I’d made a mistake, Tuesday night watching the shell-shocked faces of the Democrats on the floor of Congress while Donald Trump delivered his magnificent speech, I knew I had made no error. I even wondered what was going on in my head in those isolated moments I doubted myself.

The Democratic Party members watching that speech looked like a party of the living dead. They didn’t know how to react. They didn’t know if they were Americans. They didn’t know who they were.

Every time Trump called for bipartisanship for the good of our country, they winced. They couldn’t stand it and didn’t know how to react because they are the least bipartisan people in the world and they scarcely know what cooperating is. Working together is not in their natures. Yes, they talk about it endlessly but they never do it. (See: the history of the Soviet Union) Maybe it’s not in their DNA. (I should check mine.)
When the speech was over — after there was no longer a dry eye in the house from the introduction of the widow of the Navy SEAL — they left the room faster than fans of the losing team after the Super Bowl, only in this case they left so stunned you had to wonder if they would ever win the game again or even compete.

The Democrats — the silly ladies dressed in white and all the others — bet the house that Trump would make a fool of himself and Donald cut the legs out from under them. And when you bet the house and lose, you go home bankrupt. And without a home to go to.

He cut the Democrats’ legs out in the worst way, exposing them for the empty party they are with nothing going for them but identity politics. Yet, it is becoming increasingly obvious that if anyone does anything for the inner cities, it will be Trump the builder, not the Democrats who had a chance for fifty or sixty years and did nothing. Bye, bye, identity politics. No wonder Maxine Waters is so apoplectic.

Yes, Trump delivered a speech for the ages. Tucker Carlson, who is solidifying his position as the most perceptive pundit on television, again got it right, saying the president had “set the template” for future presidential addresses. He had. Bravo to him and to speechwriter Stephen Miller, who is rapidly becoming the most distinguished graduate ever of Santa Monica High, where he was supposedly persona non grata while he attended.

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