Received this email today and found it to be an excellent summary of the way I have been thinking for some time now. The only problem is that it is not a WSJ article and was not written by an Eddie Sessions. It was actually written by Alan Caruba on his blog “Warning Signs” on January 3, 2010. Snopes

Even though it does not have the status of a WSJ article, it is well worth considering. I’m still extremely irritated by the fact that a President can spend millions of dollars to keep his records secret and the self-important MSM doesn’t see the need for some serious vetting.

Subject: WSJ on Obama

This is from the Wall Street Journal, 11/11/10. Best description of our Prez. I have ever seen. The WSJ is about as reputable a newspaper as there is.

Wall Street Journal Sizes up Obama – They’ve Got Him…

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