Guest poster: David Lawrence “The Brave New World of the Democrats”

The Brave New World of the Democrats
Posted by David Lawrence on April 23, 2012 at 7:55am

David Lawrence


The liberal Democrats are always beating their ideological drums for a better society. I often wonder what society would be like if Democrats passed all their bills, instituted all their visions. It would be a Brave New World of failure and self-destruction. The Democrats would bring on an apocalypse and our values would be in ruins, become failed structures, destroyed optimisms.

If the Democrats got their way, they would scrap the Patriot Act and try terrorists in civilian courts. This would severely increase the cost of trials and make it more difficult to convict terrorists.  We would not be allowed to use forcible interrogation so places like the Brooklyn Bridge and Herald Square would be exploded rubble. Osama bin Laden would not have been executed because we would not have found out about his messenger from Khalid Sheik Mohammed.  Obama would be guiding al-Qaeda from a compound in Pakistan.

In our Democrat world Obama would allow Americans to be killed because of soft questioning rather than to harshly interrogate the killers?  Obama’s excuse – Americans are morally superior and should not be tough interrogators.   What’s so morally superior about a dead American?  If we can’t question, we can’t get answers.  Whose side are we trying to protect anyhow? The Democrats soft questions would encourage our captives to swallow their clues.

Democrats are big on Obama care. But the cost is twice the 900 billion that was predicted.  That’s not to mention the bureaucratic logjams that will occur if it is ever instituted.  People will be paying more and getting less than they did before Obama care.  The Democrats will have destroyed our healthcare.  In their concern for forty million people who can’t afford healthcare they will destroy it for over three hundred million. They will give us the Brave New World of rationing and delays. The will ruin the best health care system in the world in order to cater to the minority of people who don’t have policies.

If Democrats had their druthers they would raise everyone’s taxes, particularly the rich. It doesn’t bother them that this would inhibit commerce or hiring.  They don’t seem to care that unemployment is too high.  It is more important for them to punish the rich for punishment’s sake. They don’t care that the rich create jobs.  Even former President Kennedy, a Democrat, lowered taxes.  And when Reagan, a Republican who Obama loves to quote and pretends to imitate, was in office he lowered taxes and ignited the economy. With Democrats instituted for another term we will gallop to a totally failed, over taxed economy.  S&P will downgrade us again. Our economic horses’ legs will be broken and we will have to shoot possible achievement in the head.  Our best and brightest will move to countries with less taxes.

Democrats are against voter ID.  They have a country, America, but don’t want it to be a country for its own citizens.  They want to let foreigners come over and vote, get an education and work while our own citizens can’t find jobs or get educations. What’s their excuse?  That minorities can’t get ID’s.  Not true.  They seem to have ID’s for schools and licenses.  If they can’t get ID’s maybe they’re too stupid to vote. With Democrats totally in charge of voter ID we wouldn’t know who’s an American?  Foreigners would be determining our society for us. Democrats would have turned us into a weak United Nations instead of a strong United States. Foreigners would be electing our officials.

Democrats don’t believe in borders.  Yet even countries like Mexico make it nearly impossible for Americans to get citizenship there.  Are we stupider than Mexicans?  Are we run by Drug cartels or Democrat ideologues?  The Democrats want us to eat rice and beans and to try to read Spanish signs.

Democrats want to legalize drugs.  Rather than punish people who are killing themselves with drugs, Democrats want to reward them.  Democrats don’t like borders and boundaries.  They live in a let live, let anything go, country of invisible demarcations.  They do whatever is easiest – the criminals get high so we don’t have to invest in stopping them. With Democrats running the whole show, we would be passing marijuana around imagining that we are cool as we escape reality.

Democrats identify with gays.  It’s more than allowing them equal rights. They reverse their instinctive prejudices so they can feel good about themselves and choose to regard gays as superior to heterosexuals. Heterosexuality has worked for thousands of years.  Gayness is the latest rebellion against tradition. Our acceptance of gays is too easy.  It is a lie. It’s the right thing to do but the wrong attitude to adopt.

Democrats love abortion.  They like containing the population spread (which never spread as far as Peter Springer predicted) and they like getting rid of the messiness of having to live up the consequences of their unprotected sex.  They even favor after birth abortions (a big hurrah for Obama who was already in favor of infanticide back in the Illinois senate). Not only do they love abortion but they sanction it morally and respect abortion as a woman’s right to choose.  They don’t see how much more responsible, selfless and difficult it is to have the baby. With Democrats in command, murdering babies would become more prevalent.  We would not have the possibility of overpopulation. What a beautiful sparse world we would have where the environmentalists could worship trees and animals instead of human beings.

Democrats love free love.  This started back in the sixties.  Free love actually restricts true love by making sex easy rather than an outgrowth of a relationship.  In the sixties I thought the women who opted for free love were fools.  They were playing into our hands.  We got to milk the cow without buying it and women didn’t even understand that they were cooperating in our using them. The ultimate result of free love is single mothers bringing up children in squalor.

A lot of Democrats are atheists.  They think there is something intelligent in not believing in God.  Will they say that from the other side of the grave?  Now Obama is trying to get the Catholic Church to have their insurance companies give out condoms. He is obliterating the separation between church and state despite the fact that as a Democrat he believes in their separation.  Freedom and religion are taking a kick in the pants.

Democrats are big on green energy and using the EPA to force regulations down our throats.  It doesn’t bother them than that no alternative energy has proven to be useful, that solar panels and electric cars are a bust, and that green energy is bankrupting us.  Furthermore, our refusal to develop off shore drilling, Anwar, shale, coal and the Keystone Pipeline are leaving us weaklings subject to Mideast oil while Obama lies that he wants to be independent of foreign oil.  They used to say Bush lies, people die.  They should be saying Obama lies, cars run dry.   With Democrats commanding energy we will all be riding scooters. The Brave New Democrat world will run on roller skates.

Democrats are generally against capital punishment.  Great.  Create a community where killers think they can goof off in jail the rest of their lives.  Some socialists say that the death penalty doesn’t deter killers.  In that case why do killers stay on death row for twenty-years hoping to avoid execution?  With Democrats fully in charge murderers will get paroled and commit recidivism again even though Democrats naively believe in reformation. In a Democrat world murderers will be paroled to become serial murderers.  The world will become more dangerous.

Democrats think Moslems should be treated equally.  Moslems murder their women for cheating, use their children as suicide bombs, kill gays for being gay, execute  apostates who leave the Moslem religion, give women clitorectomes, and  cut off children’s hands for stealing.  In the Brave New Democrat Moslem World most of our children won’t have hands.

Don’t forget that Moslems were responsible for 9-11 while their people rooted for our deaths in the hills of New Jersey. With Moslems free to come and go we will devolve into a prehistoric society where cruelty and religious fundamentalism are prevalent.
Democrats will support our regression.  Sharia will be our new form of injustice.

Democrats believe profiling is a terrible thing.  Thus our apprehension rate will go way down and Americans will be killed because the police lock up old grandmothers rather than profile teenager rowdies.  Can you imagine Sherlock Holmes denying all clues because he doesn’t want to state the obvious?  Why have police when you don’t let them do their job?  Let the Democrats go out on patrol and arrest all the wrong people.
In the Democrat world we will have injustice against the victim and bonuses for the criminals.

Obama is setting  the tone for a one branch government.  He announces in defense of his much hated Obama Care that “the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress.”  He not only threatens the judiciary but he also bypasses the Congress by  appointing all his czars or making recess appointments when the House is not in recess.  The Democrat government will be ruled by the dictatorship of the executive branch.

The above is the Brave New World of the Democrats.  It is an utter failure.  When are the Democrats going to wake up and stop trying to sell their negative vision? As Republicans we hate their vision.  Isn’t it time that they became wise enough to hate it too?

Imagine a world controlled by the Democrats where the police are too often accused of brutality to perform their jobs,  where gangs loiter in the streets because Democrats consider it unfair to lock them up,  where the homeless take dumps on the curb, where killers get early  parole or are considered innocent on technicalities and go out and kill again, where there is no commerce because the EPA has disallowed oil on the basis of global warming, stopped coal, discouraged drilling, reduced heat and transportation, where people are cruel because the Bible and humanistic books have been labeled ridiculous, where there is no healthcare or food stamps because the country has been driven into bankruptcy by the nanny state giveaways and can’t afford to help its people. Where planes fall from the sky because the TSA isn’t allowed to profile. Where old people are executed because rationing of life has become expedient.  Where children are limited to one per family as in China. Where Obama points his finger at his followers and announces that he has changed the world to his dictator’s vision rather than learned to understand the world and develop it from the inside out.  Obama wants to militate the world from top to bottom.  And now he has ordered Peacetime Martial Law.

Whoever wants this Brave New Democrat World should be ashamed of himself for ruining our comfortable reality. Obama has sent us wandering in the desert of his egotism.  Obama, let my people go.

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Believer (God the Father, the Son and Messiah, the Holy Spirit), daughter, wife, mother, memaw, RN, hobbit, street evangelist I love people, music, reading, praying, studying the Bible, keeping up with national news and politics. I am a strict constructionist, a true American. I love my country. I honor her warriors. I am thankful for our Constitution and will personally bear arms for it.
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