Have you ever had a miracle happen in your life?

Have you?

How would you define a miracle? I want to tell you about a miracle in my daughter’s life, and mine.

My daughter and I have faith in God. We believe he loves us and sent his son, Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew meaning God’s Salvation!) to save us from evil and our corrupt natures. He has given us eternal life.

In 2001 my daughter and her husband and 2 children had transitioned back home. They had moved from Ohio. The children were 5, 2 and the 10 month old had been born after they moved home. They had just moved into the house that my son-in-law was building. They were busy! building the house, working, kids in Christian school…

Then one Saturday after a large storm, trees were upturned and limbs downed. My son-in-law had gone to his brother’s house to help with his chain saw, cutting up the trees and cleaning up the property.
That morning Joy got a call that they were taking her husband to the local hospital ER. She had no idea why. She asked me to come with her to the hospital.

We arrived and found my son-in-law’s parents and brother looking horrible. The doctor came out and told us that Joy’s husband had had a heart attack and did not survive. He was 36. Joy was 32.

Those were very hard times, horrible. I wanted Joy and the kids to move in with us but she didn’t want to. So we slept at her house every night, did the cooking, laundry, cleaning, took care of the kids, for about 2 weeks. Then I told her we had our own home we had to care for, my horses, cat and dog and we couldn’t stay there every night. It was so hard. But I thought she had to take her own life in hand, care for her children and her home. I asked again if she wanted to move in with us but she again declined.

We continued to go over to her house several times a week. I cleaned, cooked a little, did laundry.

At that time I was our church treasurer. I had attended the monthly board meeting and that night a prayer request came in…from my daughter. The house her husband had been building, her house, was enclosed but did not have the aluminum siding yet. Their home insurance had required that the siding be complete by a certain date or the insurance would be terminated. That date was a week and a half away. The insurance man was coming to inspect the house for completion. My daughter asked the church to pray that she would find a way to get the house completed in that time.

The pastor and the men at the board meeting said they would get the church men to do the work. There were 2 men who did this kind of work in their profession. It was planned that that Saturday, in 4 days, everyone would meet at Joy’s house early and begin work. Some of the women called me and offered to make lunch for the men and warm drinks. (It was a cold October week). We had a great menu planned and I would take it to Joy’s house and have it warmed for lunch for the men who came to work.

Friday, the day before the work day came. Rain was predicted for all weekend and it was raining Friday too. I thought the men and pastor would cancel. They did not. On Friday, I brought the food that was delivered and drove to Joy’s house. She has a long quarter mile driveway, stone, that goes through the woods and as I drove out that driveway, the rain was coming down hard! I wondered what I’d find when I got to her house.

The clearing came into view, and the house. There must have been 20 men working. Some cutting pieces of siding with the large table and saw someone had brought. Others were putting up siding standing on scaffolding, and on the roof of the porch, and of the garage. Measuring, cutting, nailing siding on the house. They had a very good start! AND! THERE WAS NO RAIN AT HER HOUSE!

I was amazed. I figured they would be sitting around in the garage deciding to do this a different day because of rain.

I went in, carrying the food, drinks and began plugging in the slow cookers, getting the cups and bowls and napkins out. There were a couple of ladies from the church at Joy’s house already.

We called the men for lunch. They came in 2’s and 3’s, got their food and sat outside eating their meals and talking about the job, about what all they yet had to do. In no time they were all back to work. AND THERE WAS STILL NO RAIN AT HER HOUSE!

By 3:00 PM the house was finished. A couple of men had come inside and helped put up some curtain rods and told my daughter they would take the wood for the door frames inside the house to stain and would install them. What a blessing! The Lord had supplied through our church, our local Body of our Lord Jesus, for this young widow and her little orphan children. I was so thankful! AND THERE WAS STILL NO RAIN AT HER HOUSE!

By 3:30 PM the last man had loaded up his pick up truck and then was driving out her driveway. And the rains came as he started to drive away. Hard! Plentiful! It rained through Sunday.

On Sunday, we found out the rain had poured throughout the area. It rained everywhere. The entire town and surrounding towns had been deluged.

There was one little plot of land that had remained dry until 3:30 PM Saturday.

And on it there was a house with newly constructed aluminum siding, bright, white, and beautiful. And, a miracle.

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Believer (God the Father, the Son and Messiah, the Holy Spirit), daughter, wife, mother, memaw, RN, hobbit, street evangelist I love people, music, reading, praying, studying the Bible, keeping up with national news and politics. I am a strict constructionist, a true American. I love my country. I honor her warriors. I am thankful for our Constitution and will personally bear arms for it.
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