This excellent blog post will give you the important details of the fiscal cliff. The author also believes we should go over the cliff and I agree!




I’ve been saying since October that it was in the best interest of our country for this Fiscal Cliff thing to happen.  No compromises, no back room deals, no voting present, etc.  Just let it happen.

I’ll show how going over the Fiscal Cliff is not only the lesser of all the other evils that can come out of these negotiations but how toggling this option will give the best chance to insure we have enough Conservatives in Congress to pick up the pieces once the inevitable collapse happens.

But first, let’s review what it will mean to go over the Fiscal Cliff.

What Is It?

Both CNN Money and The Heritage Foundation have great summaries of the Fiscal Cliff and I’ll use pieces of those articles to give you an overview.  Many may not know this but the This Fiscal Cliff was a bill passed by Congress and…

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