Another Nullification Bill for Pennsylvania: Health Care!


Posted by Steve Palmer

The Tenth Amendment Center’s four step road map to nullification of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) includes 1.) Refuse to implement the state-run health care exchange; 2.) Reject the Medicaid expansion; 3.) Pass Health Care Freedom Legislation; and 4.) Full nullification of the PPACA inside the state’s borders. Here in Pennsylvania, step 1 has been accomplished and a coalition of activists are currently working to accomplish step 2.

Representative Matt Baker has now continued progress on step 3 with the introduction of HB273, the Health Care Freedom Act. This act provides for the right of the individual to purchase private health insurance and prohibits any law from compelling an individual, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care plan or system. It currently has 42 co-sponsors and it is assigned to the House Committee on Health, of which Rep. Baker is the chair.

This bill is a reintroduction of last session’s HB42, which reported out of the health and appropriations committees and was laid on the table, but never received second consideration.

As the Tenth Amendment Center’s Founder, Michael Boldin, noted, “the Health Freedom Act is a powerful step towards the nullification of Obamacare” because it would prevent the state from changing its mind and establishing a state run exchange at a later date. Boldin adds, “if the state establishes an exchange, then that law would violate state law by indirectly compelling employers and individual residents to participate in a health care system”.

Action Items

Contact your state representative to express your support for this legislation and ask her to be a cosponsor.
Contact members of the House Committee on Health to express your support and ask them to vote it out of committee.
Join the Nullify Health Care Law in Pennsylvania facebook group.
Sign our Nullify Obamacare petition.


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4 Responses to Another Nullification Bill for Pennsylvania: Health Care!

  1. Alaska’s Governor Parnell has refused the insurance exchange and is now considering what to do with the Medicaid expansion. Even the more conservative media are encouraging him to do this because it’s “all federal funding”, as if they don’t realize that the federal funding goes away after three years. The Health Care Freedom Act legislation was passed by our House, but died in the Senate “bipartisan” coalition. It’s still active legislation, from what I can tell and may get a rehearing this session. So, we’re moving in the right direction.


    • tannngl says:

      So glad to hear it. I’ve got phone work to do tomorrow. My senator and assemblyman know me by name. And I donate big.


      • It will be interesting to see if nullification works. So far, it’s been an isolated case here and there (like Alaska saying no to MTBE in the 1990s), but if a substantial number of states say “no” to ObamaCare, it’s really going to open up a can of worms.

        I like the squiggly little fellas, don’t you?


  2. tannngl says:

    I do like worms. Humble but very beneficial creatures.
    I agree. I’d love to see nullification work with this admin and all the junk they’re exerting over the states. We’ll see.


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