The line of morality got moved again while you slept…

Two Heads are Better Than One

(UPDATE, June 17, 2015) – Since we’ve seen a plethora of similar news stories since I originally penned the article below (for some examples,just take a peek at Robert Stacy McCain’s site), we’re re-posting this oldie from waaaay back in 2012. 


I am so glad that our Media is on the job, investigating stories, connecting the dots on complex or seemingly unrelated issues so that we can see the Big Picture.

That’s why, since I haven’t heard anything to the contrary, I just know that the following stories are each completely distinct with no overarching commonalities. They’re just a series of unpleasant-yet-random incidents.


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  1. Thanks for the re-blog, tannngl!

    Was just discussing this with Tom over at Quiner’s Diner blog, which is why I re-tweeted it out today: it was on my mind. And boy-oh-boy does this subject get my Irish going…

    Even though this post is four months old, that doesn’t change a single aspect of it. These abuses continue to occur, daily, to our school children, …yet the media doesn’t breathe a word. Nope, they’d rather keep obsessing over the Catholic Church and their issues which happened 25 years ago.

    The Church, led by Pope Benedict, faced up to their challenges. If you have any dealings with a Catholic school, you know how seriously they take this. But Public Schools, with a problem MANY times worse, have yet to even publicly acknowledge it. Worse, too often part of the problem is principals who try to keep it hushed up, …which of course ends up making it worse for the kids.

    I have no pity for any person (priest, teacher, counselor, rabbi, etc.,..) who abuses an underage kid.
    But for the media to single out one group and totally ignore another only serves to empower the abusers in that second group…and further endanger our children.

    May they all rot you-know-where…


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