Israeli victim of a pre-Oslo prisoner: “If he is released, I will no longer be able to live”

Israel’s release of terrorists to try for peace…
once again. Read this woman’s story.

UK Media Watch

Below is an op-ed that was published recently in Yediot Ahronot by Adi Moses, who was injured when she was 8 years old in a Palestinian terrorist attack in which her pregnant mother and 5-year-old brother were burned alive. (It was translated into English by Daniel Seaman, and originally posted byTom Gross, who granted us permission to repost it here.) 

“You know the story of my family. In 1987 a terrorist threw a firebomb at the car my family was travelling in. He murdered my mother and my brother Tal, and injured my father, my brother, his friend and myself. It is a story you know. But… Me, you do not really know. I was 8 years old when this happened.

While my father was rolling me in the sand to extinguish my burning body, I looked in the direction of our car and watched as my mother…

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2 Responses to Israeli victim of a pre-Oslo prisoner: “If he is released, I will no longer be able to live”

  1. We’ve been talking about this, too: I fear there will never be peace there, and certainly not as long as we have folks leading OUR country who barely pay lip service to Israel as our ally.


    • tannngl says:

      There is a blindness over all the earth concerning Isreal and the Jewish people. It’s astounding. I communicated regularly with a young newly Christian woman from Scotland for years before leaving FB. She was so anti Israel and didn’t see the wrongness of her thinking. So many believe the lies. Otherwise intelligent people.


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