Duncan, OK murder: It’s the gangsta culture, stupid

“Evil can’t be domesticated. We are fooling ourselves if we think we can laugh with it, subsidize it, refuse to name it, and yet not have it come back around to smack us down. No amount of bicycle-helmet wearing, child-safety-seat requiring, or cell-phone-while-driving banning can protect us against the consequences of sitting down to the table with evil and letting it form a constituency, with claims against our substance.

But that’s where we are as a society. Government, as ever, is not the answer to this problem. In important ways, government is the problem: encouraging multigenerational welfarism and fatherlessness, and actively perverting the concept of moral instruction in the precincts of public discourse (e.g., with victim-politics themes and outright, lying propaganda).

We need to find ways, each of us for our households and families, to disentangle ourselves from what is evil in our culture. It is at least equally incumbent on us to identify what is good, and align ourselves with it: practice it, honor it, preach it. ”

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Colin Flaherty has the dope at LibertyUnyielding.  (See also here.)

Duncan, Oklahoma:  big little town on the prairie.  County seat of Stephens County.  Crape Myrtle Capital of Oklahoma.  Hometown of Jackie Sherrill, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Ron Howard, Erle P. Halliburton (yes, that Halliburton), and Hoyt Axton.  Home to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center.  Host of the annual Western Spirit Celebration and the Stephens County Fair; perennial host to rodeo-circuit events galore.

Now known for a senseless thrill killing by three “bored” teenagers, whose minds have – of course – been immersed in gangsta culture.  All is not well with the spirit of our culture.  And the problem is not a lack of school funding, grief counselors, or “anti-hate” syllabi.

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