Why is our country in such horrible shape?

The US population just passed 316,000,000 people.

75% percent of those people claim to be Christian.

Out of 316,000,000 people
237,000,000 people say they are Christians.

There are 350,000 to 400,000 churches in the US.

Average church attendance on a Sunday is 63,000,000

How could a country with 237,000,000 Christians be so messed up?
I ask this for discussion. Your comments are needed.

Also, how are we to be salt and light to our world, our communities, to our country?

Know the Truth which is in our Bibles.

Live the Truth which is in our Bibles.

Share the Truth which is in our Bibles.

What are we missing?
Why aren’t we salt and light to our communities, our country?
Again, I ask for discussion. Your comments are needed.


About tannngl

Believer (God the Father, the Son and Messiah, the Holy Spirit), daughter, wife, mother, memaw, RN, hobbit, street evangelist I love people, music, reading, praying, studying the Bible, keeping up with national news and politics. I am a strict constructionist, a true American. I love my country. I honor her warriors. I am thankful for our Constitution and will personally bear arms for it.
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13 Responses to Why is our country in such horrible shape?

  1. TeachX3 says:

    Here are my opinions sis:

    “How could a country with 237,000,000 Christians be so messed up?”

    Because this nation has laws on the books and in action that directly contradict God’s Laws, His hand of protection has been lifted. He is JUST, He is HOLY, and He cannot ‘support’ sin… so how could He support a nation that chooses to make sin a national law?

    “Also, how are we to be salt and light to our world, our communities, to our country?”
    The ‘good thing’ about this situation is… it forces us to focus on the INDIVIDUAL. Ones personal, individual, salvation. Ones personal, individual, way they live their life, etc… rather than the ‘collective Christendom’. Throughout God’s Holy Word, it is personal, it speaks to the individual. So, healing and revival starts with the individual. We can be salt and light individually, which will spread.

    “Why aren’t we salt and light to our communities, our country?”
    My answer is not a comfortable one. Because we are lazy, we are complacent. We have not had true suffering, and without ‘hitting bottom’, how can we LOOK UP? I wrote about this exact worldly situation, which I believe is spiritual.

    Gonna pingback to this post, in my post…

    May God’s Will be done in earth as it is in heaven, in Christ Jesus, AMEN.


    • tannngl says:

      Thanks so much for your comments, my sister.

      You’ve hit on a lot of it.

      I also wonder how many of the millions who say they are Christians are really disciples of Christ. If any are not, the faith is not in them, I don’t believe. Following means obeying and obeying shows in our behavior. That’s the salt and light. Christ in us.

      So, the path our country has taken down into the bowels of hell?
      How can 2-3% drive us into acceptance of homosexuality? That’s maybe 10 million people as the driving force for 316 million, 237 million which are disciples of Christ. And there’s more than just homosexuality. We have allowed babies to be killed in the womb, the word ‘God’ to be taken out of public and out of school. Have we really just sat back and allowed this, electing officials who allow it as well?

      Thanks for the ping back. I read your post and it’s good.

      One more thing. Are we really lazy and complacent?
      Or are we really disciples of Christ. Perhaps we need to get back to our first love with God, our fervent prayer, our Bible study, our joy at telling others about our Savior.
      I think you’re right. It’s very personal. (These are questions I ask for ME).

      Oh, one more thing.
      Is God really punishing our nation due to its sinful ways? Or was this his plan all along, for our country to go down this path?

      Thank you, Teach!


      • TeachX3 says:

        CHRIST in us = salt and light. AMEN … I agree, much of the church has become lukewarm, accepting worldly ways rather than following God’s. Not only will each individual give an account for his/her actions, but the leaders (no matter the title they go by) will be held accountable for misleading the masses… blood on their hands.

        Thanks for your compliment, I’m not a writer (which makes it very difficult to be a ‘blogger’ LOL) and so many times, I am unable to properly put down what is in my head and heart. So, thank you… I’m just joyful it makes sense to others! 😀

        “Oh, one more thing. Is God really punishing our nation due to its sinful ways? Or was this his plan all along, for our country to go down this path? ” … LOVE this question. My opinion? Both. Sin must be punished, thankfully, for true Christ followers, He took our punishment and in our belief and acceptance of His Grace, we have freedom. But for those who choose NOT to accept the free Gift of Salvation through faith, well… I also believe that God has never allowed man / kingdoms / nations, etc… to become to large, powerful, etc… for too long of a time. In every instance in history, starting from Biblical, when they do, they exchange their belief in God for humanism. So, they turn away from The Almighty and decide to do things on their own. *sigh* Mankind is not very smart (as a collective), fallen man STILL has not learned from past mistakes.

        Thank YOU sister… for some awesome conversation! I hope many more weigh in with their opinions too!


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  3. Mrs. AL says:

    I echo both Teach’s and tannngl’s comments.

    Here is my contribution (opinion only) … the term “Christian” is today a geo-political label for some. Christian v whatever.

    For others it is a “habit” to label themselves “Christian.” Grandparents were Christians, parents called themselves Christians so I am a Christian.

    For still others, the idea of being a “Christian” is grounded in traditions and emotionalism, such as is seen around Christmas especially. It’s a tradition that is separated from the day-to-day and the Lord himself. Oh the Lord’s name is invoked, but again it is grounded in traditionalism.

    I just know we are to be ready to give an answer for our hope. Can’t do that w/o studying the Word. We need to be sensitive to the Holy Ghost’s prompting and do what He says to do and say what He says to say. Can’t do that unless you are in contact with the Lord on a regular basis.

    That’s my little contribution. Sure hope it all came out correctly.

    P.S. can you tell I am older and use the KJV — haha


    • tannngl says:

      That’s an important point, Mrs. AL. Everyone who identifies with Christianity is not actually a disciple of Christ. Jesus talked about the lukewarm in Revelation, as I think Teach spoke of. Jesus said he would spew them out of his mouth. They seem more detestable to him than those who don’t even ID with Christianity.

      “In contact on a regular basis.”
      Now that is a discussion in and of itself! And it’s the key, I believe, to our being salt and light, to our effectiveness in our communities and our country. In the New Testament Jesus got off by himself so frequently to pray to his father and that kept him in contact with his Father on a regular basis.
      Prayer and study of our Bible. Gotta get more regular on that.
      Thanks, sister! Great additions to this discussion!


      • tannngl says:

        oh, and the KJV thing? My family only used that version. Haha When I returned to my faith in God 17 years ago my mom bought me a Bible. I was lost! Absolutely lost! It was NIV and didn’t have the verses I had memorized as a child. But I’ve learned to read from many versions, especially the Hebrew and Greek! (kind of) Love studying the Word!


    • TeachX3 says:

      LOVE your contribution Mrs. AL … I say AMEN! 😀

      I also, prefer the KJV, I even enjoy the 1611, love reading the old way of speech!


  4. Hardnox says:

    Good post and great topic. I ask myself these same questions every day. Religion is always such a delicate subject. I’m not a bible thumper myself but I’m quite comfortable with God.

    From my perspective, I think many people got turned off to organized religion because they got beat over the head with a lot of Christian dogma in their youth. All that fire and brimstone stuff plus a lot of Christians believing that their particular denomination owns the franchise on God turned many folks off.

    I think that Christians would do better focusing on Jesus’s message of love and fellowship towards fellow Christians, and those that claim they are, rather than who is more Christian.

    Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest because the trees are in the way. I’m often guilty of that myself.


    • TeachX3 says:

      “I think that Christians would do better focusing on Jesus’s message of love and fellowship towards fellow Christians, and those that claim they are, rather than who is more Christian.” … fantastic point.

      While I believe there is a place for ALL messages from God (the fire and brimstone stuff included) the Message of the Cross (which is personal for each) is the first and foremost message that should be given… once one becomes a believer, and has a personal relationship with The God of their Salvation, then the other messages are able to be learned.

      Each person is different and each message effects one differently… some will balk and some will accept. The key is God’s Agape Love through Christ Jesus The Lord, when that is shown than the understanding comes.

      Thank you Hardnox for giving me a reminder today… to show that Agape Love!


    • tannngl says:

      Thanks, Hardknox! I sure appreciate your commenting! You are comfortable indeed, with God, commenting in this post. Thanks. (Most have not).

      My take is probably a little different than yours. In stead of the teaching of the dogma of Christianity, there has been too much ‘let’s go bowling’, let’s watch a movie, let’s just be together as the youth of this church…and EAT!!!

      Now, my age is showing. When I was a teen, we met, studied the Bible, enjoyed a few games, and prayed. Today I think it’s a lot of fun and no teaching about what Christianity is for our kids. Therefore, the kids have no foundation of faith when they get out into the culture and they leave their faith and church. Just my opinion…

      But I do agree with you that there’s too much arguing about the finer points of our faith. There are some things we just will disagree on between brothers and sisters in the faith. One church probably doesn’t have truth over another and someday we’ll all understand it all!

      I agree also that Christians must focus on love that Jesus showed and told us to have.
      Jesus loved us by dying; it was his whole mission to give us life. If I truly love you and the rest of humanity, I will not with hold the good news of the Gospel. It’s the true test of a Christian, that love. Today, that wonderful truth that Jesus died so we could all live forever with him, was passed down from him, the apostles, the early church fathers, and now it’s in our possession. I truly hope I will be faithful in my love on retrospect. I don’t want to have missed any opportunity to tell someone. It would be horrible for any to die, really die forever.

      I like you, Hardknox. You’re a good kind person. I’m so pleased to have met you!


      • Hardnox says:

        No disagreement with what you said. Thank you for the kinds words too. Likewise, I am glad to know you. Also, thanks for your visits to ‘Nox & Friends.


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