Another evolution ‘rewrite’

The tragedy of science is the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.

~T H Huxley    

“Darwin’s Bulldog’, agnostic (Mr. Huxley coined the word ‘agnosticism’)

No humans were supposed to have existed at the time these spearheads were made.

(Time for another rewrite.)

Which Came First–the Spear or its Thrower?

Posted on December 9, 2013

by Brian Thomas, M.S.

spear_or_thrower_wideScientists age-dated a cache of stone-tipped throwing spears unearthed from Ethiopia’s Gademotta Formation at 280,000 years old. This find appears to pierce the conventional story of human evolution—a narrative about modern man evolving from some pre-human type only 200,000 years ago. How will this date discrepancy be resolved?

According to their technical report in the online journal PLoS ONE researchers found “composite projectile weapons,” among the 226 artifacts they examined.1 Ancients sculpted spear tips from nearby obsidian deposits, shaped sticks into throwing spears, then affixed the obsidian tips onto them.

Lead author of the report told Discovery News the enterprising Africans “perhaps even created a prehistoric spear-making assembly line of sorts.”2 Apes don’t form assembly lines or engineer tools—humans do—and yet no humans were supposed to have existed at that supposed time.

Discovery News offered two options to explain this new find, “and both are mind-blowing.”


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5 Responses to Another evolution ‘rewrite’

  1. NEVER trust a so-called expert, see, the emphasis is on the ” EX ” …. the pert refers to their alleged considered opinion …. in other words, BIBLE beats them every time …


  2. Hardnox says:

    Call me stupid… but how does one carbon date stone and link it to human use? What would stop a primative human from using a very old stone to fabricate a tool? Is this too obvious for the ex-perts?


    • tannngl says:

      It is. Perhaps they will come up with that answer.


    • tannngl says:

      I had a little time so took at look at radio carbon dating again. I know it’s not fool proof for it depends on the rate that the carbon atom deteriorates. This cn be slowed or speeded up for multiple chaotic reasons like sun activity.
      Rocks are not living things so do not absorb atmospheric carbon while alive and stop absorbing at death so, cannot be dated in that way. From what I read, the spearhead is dated by dating the other material in situ, assuming it was all from the same time period.

      This isn’t able to ascertain for certain the age of things; it’s all deduction and good guessing. I think this is what the article was trying to show. They’ve encountered a mistake somewhere in their cyphering and deducing.


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