8 ways to opt out of ObamaCare


These are some very realistic ways to opt out! These things exist and you can use them. It’s one of the reasons we are working on becoming and staying healthy here in our home.

Here’s the article with links (-it’s an article on Tea Party Nation, a site I am a member):

Obamacare is looming over all of us and the question remains: Do you sign up or opt out? If you choose to opt out, what are your alternatives?


Here are a few From Breitbart:


1. Join a health care sharing ministry, which are voluntary, charitable membership organizations that share medical expenses among the membership.


Parnell states that Samaritan MinistriesChristian Healthcare Ministries, andChristian Care Ministry are open to practicing Christians, while Liberty HealthShare is open to those who are committed to religious liberty.


Healthcare sharing ministries “operate entirely outside of ObamaCare’s regulations, and typically offer benefits for about half the cost of similar health insurance,” says Parnell. “Members are also exempt from having to pay the tax for being uninsured.”



2. Purchase a short-term health insurance policy.


“These policies usually last between one and 11 months and are not regulated under ObamaCare, and, therefore, don’t offer the same high level of benefits that can drive up costs,” writes Parnell.



3. Buy alternative insurance plans such as fixed-benefitcritical illness, or accident insurance.


“These policies pay cash in the event you are diagnosed with cancer, spend a night in the hospital, or need some other medical treatment,” Parnell says. “They cost a fraction of what health insurance costs under ObamaCare, and by giving you cash directly you aren’t locked in to any particular provider network.”


Parnell also recommends maxing out medical and uninsured/underinsured driver coverage amounts under an auto insurance policy, which can help pay for medical bills in the event of injury in an auto accident.


Once major medical insurance is arranged, Parnell suggests shopping around for health care providers and services.



4. Visit cash-only doctors and retail health clinics for primary care. If you usually visit a doctor more than a couple times per year, consider joining a direct primary care practice which will give you access to nearly unlimited primary care for a modest monthly fee.



5. Sign up for a telemedicine service—lower-cost options in which doctors treat relatively simple medical issues via phone calls, email, or a video connection. Telemedicine especially works well, Parnell says, for common injuries, conditions, and illnesses.



6. Use generic prescription drugs whenever possible, and compare prices between pharmacies. Less expensive options are sometimes available at large chain pharmacies such as Walmart and CVS, and online sites such asGoodRx.com and WeRx.org allow patients to view the best deals on medications.



7. For surgery, Parnell recommends going to a facility that offers up-front “package” prices for self-pay patients, such as the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and Regency Healthcare, where prices are typically much less than what is charged at most hospitals. In addition, sites such as MediBid, where doctors bid on providing your surgery or treatment, will often yield substantially less expensive costs coupled with high quality medical care. Yet another option is to become a medical tourist.



8. When a hospital visit becomes necessary, Parnell suggests working with amedical bill negotiation service to get the best price available rather than accept the wildly inflated “chargemaster” prices, usually three to five times more than what insurers pay for the same service or treatment. Patients who wish to negotiate on their own will likely need to put in a significant amount of time and effort, but can use the Healthcare Blue Book or Pricing Healthcare as a starting point to help them find out what insurers are paying for medical services.


You can also start taking better care of yourself naturally by eating healthier foods, exercising and using alternative medicine. Consider seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and other professionals. You can also use herbal remedies and essential oils for your family’s healthcare needs. For more information on using essential oils, you can visit Sherry’s site here.


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