Where would you raise your future children?

From Gary Bates, CEO, Creation Ministries International (US)
Two of my colleagues were speaking on an Australian Christian radio station a few years ago. The station was taking calls off-air, and a young geology student had been put through to one of them.1 She told my colleague that Christianity was “not much good”, and that she was drawn to religions like Buddhism or Islam. My colleague asked her what country in the world she would choose in which to raise her future children.
“Australia, of course”, she replied. He shot back, “If it couldn’t be Australia, what would be your next choice?”
“Umm … America, I guess … or maybe England.” “And if that isn’t possible?”
“Well,” she replied, hesitating, “probably Germany … or Switzerland … .”
After she had been prodded to consider several more, my colleague pointed out that she did not cite any predominantly Buddhist or Islamic nations. Her ‘wish list’ was made up entirely of countries that most would define as having a Christian foundation (despite their rapid decline into secularism).
My colleague wrote: “Of course, our young lady’s choices were neither unusual nor surprising. Not even the most vehement Christian-bashers would prefer to bring their children up in Iran, Burma, Saudi Arabia or the like. But rarely would any of them make a connection between their choice of countries and the Bible.”2
Well, that was a few years ago. Most Western nations can no longer be defined as Christian anymore.

This creation blog is a great one to keep up on scientific news and our God!


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