Tannngl tweets with 5 atheists.

I had an interesting tweet session with 4 or 5 atheists this morning.

(It’s a little hard to follow the conversation. I have a bit of trouble when it’s going on!

The time line goes from bottom to top.) Just corrected this. It’s bottom to top!

Addendum: I have given my testimony and spoken with kindness and love to these people. They all have snarked and been sarcastic. So I have now shaken the dust from my feet with them. The Lord will deal with them and He will be merciful if they only seek Him.

I’ll pray they receive sight to see God as I have. The Lord is merciful to those who seek Him. I know that from my own experience. On my path back to God, I began by investigating Eastern faiths. I have NO DOUBT who God is, nor that he exists! He has testified with my own spirit; He has actually talked to me. I see Him in everything each day of my life. I just watched my mom leave this earth and go to Him. There is no question. There is life after this death and it is with God. Or without Him.

“From there you will search again for the LORD your God. And if you search for him with all your heart and soul, you will find him.”

(Deuteronomy 4:29 NLT)

And later…

It’s kind of exhausting to do that. But no matter how I stumble with my words or say things without clarity, it is God who opens the unbeliever’s ears. I pray for these. May it be that God opened ears that day.✞





About tannngl

Believer (God the Father, the Son and Messiah, the Holy Spirit), daughter, wife, mother, memaw, RN, hobbit, street evangelist I love people, music, reading, praying, studying the Bible, keeping up with national news and politics. I am a strict constructionist, a true American. I love my country. I honor her warriors. I am thankful for our Constitution and will personally bear arms for it.
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17 Responses to Tannngl tweets with 5 atheists.

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    I admire you for taking this on, tannngl. May I be blunt? I haven’t a clue what I am seeing. For some reason I cannot follow it. I suppose I should do a little investigation and try and understand it. You sure are a brave humanoid!! Great job even if I don’t fully understand it.


    • tannngl says:

      Sorry, Mrs.AL. I need to learn to post tweets correctly. It does look like a lot of jibberish. When I went back to find a discussion in it (there were multiple discussions) I had a lot of trouble finding it.

      JRT said he will show me how to do this.

      Thanks for trying.
      I have had street conversations with people about Jesus. It does take courage, for me but God always show up! One Jewish lady, after our conversation walked away saying, “Maybe we missed him”. Their synagogues read through the Old Testament, a portion every Sabbath. but they always skip Isaiah 53…That’s the part of scripture I start with with our dear friends the Jewish people.


      • Mrs. AL says:

        tannngl, you dear person. It’s not you. It’s yours truly. Email is still a challenge at times — hehe! I will try and figure this stuff out. I’m not too old to learn. I guess the other thing that throws me is that the ideas are so short (isn’t a tweet only a small number of characters?).

        And thanx for sharing your conversations about the Lord. And isn’t is just astounding how the mere mention of Jesus can elicit such a wide variety of reactions from people? Yes, it does take courage and clearly you are courageous.


      • tannngl says:

        Ok, Justturnright left me instructions to format this correctly. In time (not much of that right now…) I will correct this so it can be read properly!
        You’re always very kind to me, Mrs. AL.and I appreciate it. Sometimes it really makes my day. 🌹


  2. Hey, tannngl! I went to your Twitter feed and followed it there.
    Very interesting: looks like you more than held your own in there…
    No surprise, of course.

    **Just a formatting suggestion: if you’d like, I can show you how to embed the actual Tweet itself into your post. Will make it a bit ‘cleaner’ to read.
    Let me know, my friend….


    • tannngl says:

      Thank you for the visit, JTR. And for trying to read it. It couldn’t have been me that held my own there. I had help, unfair help from you know who!

      Please! Help me with the formatting! I would be very grateful.


      • Hey, tannngl!!
        Okay, I’m back…

        Now, first thing first: after we’re done here, please feel free to delete these comments, ‘kay?

        Embedding tweets is easy, but WordPress.com sometimes is a tad temperamental.
        If you’ve ever struggled with having a YouTube video embed properly, you know what I mean.

        Anyway, here’s the EASY way to do it:

        If for whatever reason this doesn’t work for you, I can show you a work-around with HTML (using the “text” tab where you write your posts). It takes a couple more steps, but it always works, even if WordPress is acting flaky that day.

        1 more suggestion:
        you should probably include YOUR Tweets throughout this back-& -forth, so that it flows as a conversation. Takes a bit longer to do, but it makes for an easier read.

        Any questions, just yell. You can reply here, or DM me on Twitter.
        I’ll reply ASAP, I promise….


      • tannngl says:

        Thank you so very much! I saw this last night but had to rush out to those horses. Water’s frozen and had to carry buckets of warm water so they could have a drink. Of course they eat snow…but they each need about 8 gal/day.

        I will use this to try to fix this post and I’ll leave this in case anyone else reading wants to see how it’s done.

        Thank you so very much my friend! You’re one in a million!


      • My pleasure!
        Again, if you run into trouble, …just yell.


      • tannngl says:

        Just to let you know…it worked.
        I tried the instructions in my apple safari browser and all I got was the url, even when I made the url a non-link. All I got was a link, still.

        Then I opened everything in Firefox and it worked! Thank you! I’ll spend some time working on this over the next week. It will be a better post.

        Sur appreciate it, JTR!e


      • Congratulations on your initial success, tannngl!!!

        Yeah, occasionally Tweets just don’t like to embed: could be your browser, or any number of things. However, once you get this down completely, and if you’d like, I can show you the HTML way to do it.
        Again, it’s a couple more clicks, …but it always, always works.

        Being able to include Tweets, especially as much time as you spend on Twitter, should come in handy going forward…
        Take care!!!


      • Well, …so far, so good. One down, …about a dozen to go.

        Good luck with the rest of them, tannngl!!
        You’re on the right track….


      • tannngl says:

        In time…

        Grandma was slow but she was old…
        Oh, I’m a grandma! LOL


      • tannngl says:

        Finally! Got it done!

        Thank you so much.


  3. bullright says:

    Its easy for techies…. the rest of us just experiment a lot_a whole lot.

    Good post and they do get snarky, don’t they.


    • tannngl says:

      Thank you froggy. Finally got it done!
      They do snark a lot. If they would just honor the person and not believe the faith part. But they seem to need to denigrate the person of faith. I think that means something. Not sure what.


      • bullright says:

        It makes me realize, I’m not sure why they even enter a dialogue. Oh, right, the snark thing. Sort of like Al Gore on global warming… debate it over, snark rules.


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