Some thoughts: after a failed attempt to begin a Christian PAC

Part 1

I worked hard the past week. I cleaned, planned an agenda, spoke to the ACTION OF PA brass in Eastern Pennsylvania, baked, made phone calls, all while a crew started to tear down and started to rebuild our deck-big project. At the same time, I took each of the two HUGE dogs out by leash during the day, spent a little time with the horses and fed and cleaned the cat box, while doing laundry, paying bills and answering questions on the keto diet from my daughter. And grand daughters.

So, last night was the gathering…

I had called people who attended the free dinner at the local hotel ball room by invitation of our county commissioner. They were all pleasant, asked questions after the presentation that night at the dinner.

I waited, expecting someone to take up the gauntlet and start this PAC in our county. No call. No email.
Then an email from the woman who spoke at the dinner from an eastern county, the CEO of the ACTION OF PA PAC. Could we call her or let her know when she could call us?

That started it. I decided to start this PAC in our county. Under the tutelage of the ACTION OF PA CEO, I planned this gathering to find those who would become the core group. After all the phone calls and preparations, no one came.

There must to be someone who would want to do something about this:

There are       60,000,000 Evangelical Christians in the United States.
ONLY             20,000,000 Evangelical Christians in the United States VOTE.
It takes only    9,000,000 votes to change the outcome of an election.

Where are you all??????
Why aren’t you voting?????
What can we do to help you to vote????

Do you realize you are the reason we have this president, this government?

Do you realize you are the reason we have this decadent culture?

I’m not finished with this…

About tannngl

Believer (God the Father, the Son and Messiah, the Holy Spirit), daughter, wife, mother, memaw, RN, hobbit, street evangelist I love people, music, reading, praying, studying the Bible, keeping up with national news and politics. I am a strict constructionist, a true American. I love my country. I honor her warriors. I am thankful for our Constitution and will personally bear arms for it.
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13 Responses to Some thoughts: after a failed attempt to begin a Christian PAC

  1. ebrew79 says:

    Christians don’t need a PAC, clowns like Pat Robertson and Joel Osteen are on the airwaves 24/7. Isn’t that enough?


  2. abcinsc says:

    Matthew 22:21 – “Jesus said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” The specific context is about paying taxes, but I think it applies as well to voting in a democracy – most people around the world never have that option. As Christians, our responsibilty is to vote our consciences before God. Unfortunately, we are often left with the choice of voting for the least objectionable candidate.


    • tannngl says:

      That’s as I see it as well. We are to be light and salt. Some hide that candle.

      We’re trying to encourage locals to run with help in funding and getting their names out.

      It’s surprising to me but the chapters in York and Chester Counties tell me that approaching pastors has never been a successful approach. They just don’t call back or want anything to do with this.
      I think there could be voter registration forms in the church with people to help them register, reminders for each election, help getting people to polls, information on who is running based on Christian values.

      Churches are an important part of getting members to vote. If not the pastors, there are people who can be engaged to help…
      I think…


      • abcinsc says:

        Churches in the Black community have no problem with doing all of the above.

        However, pastors in other church communities are afraid (of losing members; controversy) and intimidated by the left (lose tax-free status – lawsuits). One threat of lawsuit effectively muzzles the political speech of a pastor or local chuch.

        A notable exception is the Catholic church – they have the resources and conviction to wage war… and do (health care mandate / abortion).

        But many mainline churches are divided themselves on these issues; and independent churches don’t have the resources.

        However, none of this excuses Christians from not voting.


      • tannngl says:

        Thank you for that summary. It will help me. I feel a burden for this. God bless your ministries.


    • tannngl says:

      I just can’t sit here and type my whining complaints on blogs. It really takes action. And there is action that can be taken to correct these statistics, I believe.


      • abcinsc says:

        All politics is local. The key is finding electable Christians who will invest themselves in the political process – local school boards, town, city and county councils, and then state government.

        There just aren’t many electable Christians who are up for the fight – and it is a fight. And many who begin are so beat up by the process that they drop out, or become compromised by it.

        To get a feel for what it’s like, I refer you to Rebecca Hamilton’s website – Public Catholic on Patheos. She’s a state representative in Oklahoma. I don’t always agree with her politics, but she is trying to fight the good fighht as she sees it. God bless.


  3. TeachX3 says:

    Do what you feel led to do sister… I believe we should always follow that small inner voice… and when we keep the situation always lifted up to our Father for His guidance, than it never becomes about us, and He always gets any glory, AMEN! I hope the best for your venture and will be praying! 😀


    • tannngl says:

      Thank you sister Teach. You always encourage. I felt failure last night but within minutes, I saw that failure is a teacher. With God’s guidance, I will do this. We have a webinar meeting Sunday with the CEO of the PAC, one of the members, and our county commissioner.


  4. bullright says:

    Great effort though, to be commended. Little late I hadn’t read the whole thing till now. That’s loads more than I’ve seen anyone else do before. Why the numbers? No sure but I’ll guess its supposedly “complicated” like everything else. 😦 What’s complicated about it though? My years in Pa taught me there’s a strong independent Quaker-like streak – but i know that is generalizing, (just for an example) So a lot of good people see evil in politics and distance themselves. Next they think what difference at this point does it make? We now know, for a fact, don’t we? (if there was any doubt) But for Christians, there should be no excuse. It burns me that libs do draw from that pool. I see it.


    • tannngl says:

      Hey, thanks for reading this. I frequently work out my problems on paper (these blog posts)…after sleeping on them.

      I have about 4 men, professionals who may be interested. I was invited to call them and meet with them at their office to talk about this. They are very interested in educating the people in our county on the beginnings of our country especially as it pertains to this local area. There is a lot of history here. The McGuffey Reader, for example, was started by a man from this very local area. It was spiritually Christian and phonics in character and was used throughout the 19th century.
      The Whiskey Rebellion was actually started on a farm next to ours!

      At any rate, this is my next step, to call and meet with these individuals. Also will be working with my state representative, Rick Saccone, in his re-election bid, which is always difficult due to the union involvement in our locality and all of PA!

      So, stay tuned! Could have another post on this in the future!


      • bullright says:

        Yea I know, that union involvement. I’m always fascinated at the election results map of Pa. , usually with disappointing presidential results. Love to see that change.I think Pa is also overlooked and underestimated most of the time. The midnight pay raise did get people’s attention.


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