Whose face was on the coin?

Such an interesting fact around the time of Jesus’ discussion with the Pharisees about paying taxes and giving what’s due to God.
Whose head was on the denarius? For 2 years there were 2 heads on the coin: ‘Tiberius Caesar, son of the divine Augustus.’ One on each side.
Remember Jesus reply to the Pharisees?
“I and the Father are one.””
(John 10:30 NIV)
Interesting in light of this coin…

Christian Gedge

Coin minted during co-regency period, showing Augustus on one side and Tiberius on the other.  Image courtesy of Classical Numismatic Group.  www.cngcoins.com

When Jesus was a teenager, eighteen years of age, an unusual coin was minted in the Roman Empire. It had two faces. On one side was the figure of Augustus and on the other was Tiberius, his adopted son.

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