Every person feels that his life has some purpose and that history must be going somewhere. Why?

  • Why should our lives have a purpose if we’re nothing more than computers on legs that procreate?
  • Why should history be going anywhere and why should we like where it is going?

People invent all kinds of meaning for ourselves and for the human race as a whole … a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage … personal prosperity … gods, religions and philosophies in every shade … world peace. Many of these are refuges from facing up to what Bertrand Russell saw as the ultimate reality of history – the death of the individual and the eventual death of the solar system. If Russell was right, all is meaningless. The individual life and the history of the human race have no final value. Russell was honest enough to…

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About tannngl

Believer (God the Father, the Son and Messiah, the Holy Spirit), daughter, wife, mother, memaw, RN, hobbit, street evangelist I love people, music, reading, praying, studying the Bible, keeping up with national news and politics. I am a strict constructionist, a true American. I love my country. I honor her warriors. I am thankful for our Constitution and will personally bear arms for it.
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2 Responses to Significance

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    Thought provoking, tannngl. Thanx so very much for sharing this with us. I think you and I have similar answers to these kinds of inquiries, eh?


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