Monologue on Terror Apologists | Dana Loesch (video) 01072015

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Dana Loesch has been on fire this week especially on the subject of the Islamic terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo Wednesday in Paris, France.

One example is Wednesday monologue (video below) taking to task the mainstream media on their collective double standards, hypocrisy and political correctness to appease Islamic barbarians hell bent on forcing the infidel into submission to Shariah Law or die.

A monologue worthy of revisiting, Dana nails it mincing no words about the complacency and cowardice of the Progressive mainstream media and its ill-founded rationalization of the horrors committed by Islamic terrorists.

They are the same ideologues who wear their scorn and contempt of Christianity, Judaism, family values, liberty and opinions incompatible with Progressive ideology as a badge of honor.

To their disdain, no doubt, Dana nails it.

Published to YouTube on Jan 8, 2015 by TheBlaze

Dana Loesch comments on the terror attack in Paris at…

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