Open Letter from a Constitutional Attorney to Trey Gowdy


An Open Letter To Trey Gowdy Regarding A HUGE Mistake He Just MadeTrey-Gowdy-Shoots-Down-Dadgum-Lawyer

Mr. Gowdy,

On Wednesday, you stated on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show that Congress doesn’t have the “authority” to subpoena the server Hillary used during her term as Secretary of State because “House rules” do not provide for that authority. You sir, have just admitted that you and the rest of the House believe that Congress is powerless and that we live in a Kingdom. I am absolutely sickened by the conviction by which you repeat this lie.

I guess this is what happens when we elect politicians who are fundamentally ignorant of the Constitution, its purpose, and the power and duty it imposes upon our elected representatives. This statement is so repulsive to Liberty, so abhorrent to the principles of separation of powers, and so loathsome to the understanding of our Constitutional Republic that ANY representative who believes what you said in this radio interview should be ASHAMED of themselves.

Alexander Hamilton said this: “your consciences will reproach you for your folly and your children’s children will curse you.”

Why don’t “House Rules” give Congress the authority? Because House Rules are invented by Politicians to create excuses for not following the Constitution. Then, they don’t have to do the RIGHT thing; they can do the politically easy thing.

Mr. Gowdy, if what you say is true, we are all subjects to the executive branch; and that means we live in a Kingdom and not a Constitutional Republic.

Sir, I believe you have forgotten that the House of Representatives IS the People. And you have just announced to the WORLD that the PEOPLE of American are POWERLESS to their government. I really do not know how to express just how despicable our Congress really has become.

Here is my advice:

Stop making excuses and DO YOUR JOB! Stop worrying about “House Rules” and follow the Constitution. If Congress is so fundamentally ignorant as to WHAT that job is, then perhaps they all need to immediately RESIGN their positions and attend some remedial training. May I advise that you need to abandon your errant law school training (I know, I went there) and get some TRUTH?

HEY TREY! I am NOT a subject. And if YOU believe you have no power to represent us, if you believe you have no power to defend Liberty, and if you believe you are powerless in front of a criminal who has participated in the murder of citizens, violated her Constitutional duty to the people, has aided and abetted the enemy, and should be charged with TREASON and conspiracy to murder…YOU need to hang your head in shame, turn in your resignation, and go home. May I suggest you reread Article 2 section 4?

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. I have some good sources of Constitutional Truth to recommend. Perhaps you might begin with Federalist #69 and the Cato letters. Perhaps this article might help?

Sincerely in Liberty,

KrisAnne Hall

Author’s update 4/19:

So that I do not have to respond to every single comment, let me make this one last statement. Many are claiming that Gowdy was only referring to the committee and not Congress. But I ask: what is the committee if not Congress? Are we admitting that these Congressman are working outside the Constitution? That ought not be so.

So why even have the investigation? The committee has no power, but the Congressmen do irrespective of that committee. Gowdy has the power, and so does Congress. What is this crazy distinction of committees? More House rules–smoke and mirrors.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t elect a committee; and there is no mention of committees in the Constitution. Congress should just do their job as the Constitution demands and end all the shows. The President only does what Congress lets him. Congress has power over the president. These hearings are pointless and just make people think they are doing something or will do something in the future. If they were actually going to do something, then they already would have. The Constitution provides them will all the power and recourse they need. See Art.2, sec 4 and Art 1, sec 7. Committees? Is that what our Constitutional Republic has been reduced to? Committees? Or perhaps it’s because I have pointed out the errors of someone we have deemed “untouchable”? No one should be above correction.

Finally, we all know that if these accusations were against you or me, Congress wouldn’t be claiming they were powerless; we would already be in prison, and our servers wouldn’t be the only things seized by the government.

It’s rather long. But I hope you read it. I’ve been questioning Mr. Gowdy’s work leading this committee since the beginning. He talks the talk on the Kelly Show but there’s no action to match his verbosity. I fully agree with Kriss Anne Hall, Esquire.

Very smart lady.

Ineffectual congressman.


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