Historical evidence for the death of Jesus’ disciples and very early Christians. As well as their willingness to suffer.

The Apostles: Faith unto death.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy


It is true that some legendary accounts exist detailing the disciples deaths, but not for all of them and their associates. We also have some evidence for other early Christians that never recanted their faith in their Lord Jesus even in the face of death. These early Christians had lived close enough to the time of Jesus and his contempories to be sure of Jesus’ ministry, death, and resurrection – to them this was an undeniable fact. What is some of this evidence?

In chapter 5 of a ‘Letter to the Corinthians’ authored by the early church father Clement, writing around 95 – 97 AD, we see that he attests to Paul’s martyrdom. According to him Paul “suffered martyrdom under the prefects.” This is probably reliable since we know, from his own epistles, that Paul suffered willingly for Jesus and faced the prospects of death many times throughout his…

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