The Complexity of Creation

“Think of the cell as a miniature society,” offers in this accessible description. “Within its walls are factories, power plants, a leader, a packaging plant, a central gathering place and recycling stations. All work together to sustain the community.”

Now, you can argue that this all happened as a result of random, unguided accidents, or you can make the argument for design, which rests largely on irreducible complexity. That term, championed by Lehigh University biologist Michael Behe, means something that must be fully assembled and cannot logically come together gradually.

He uses a simple mousetrap as an example. Without all its parts – spring, platform, snap bar – it is useless. Mousetraps are an invention, the result of a guided process. How much more so are the fathomlessly complex cells whose parts must all work precisely together in order to allow our fathomlessly complex bodies and brains to function?

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