More Accidental Voting Fraud in Pennsylvania

11 Things You Need to Know About Voter Fraud

 (In addition to the fact that it’s a felony and the Motor Voter law has caused fraudulent voting to take off and explode in number.)


‘It Undermines Integrity Of Elections’: Glitch Allows Non-U.S. Citizens In Pa. To Vote

It seems that in Pennsylvania if you register to vote when you apply for your drivers license, you are asked if you are a citizen. Then a screen pops up that asks if you want to vote regardless of whether you stated your were a citizen or not. And evidently many getting drivers licenses have also registered to vote. Illegally.

This was criticized by Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt who says this screen ‘glitch’ allowed these people to vote even though he thinks it was an accident.

I’m sorry, what????~tannngl

The glitch has had no impact on elections, as the number of people mistakenly registered was small, but Schmidt thinks that statewide there could be many more and he wants the state to review registrations.

I’m sorry, what????~tannngl

Secretary of State Pedro Cortes issued a statement saying PennDOT is changing its system to prevent the problem in the future and has already made improvements. He did not address reviewing and cross checking registrations statewide. A spokeswoman for Cortes said they are conducting their own review.


Voting advocates say Schmidt’s concern is misplaced and they worry more about voter suppression, with a Trump administration panel looking for fraud even where there is no evidence of any.

Schmidt hastens to say he does not consider the non-citizen registrations as fraud.


“At the same time, we increased the number of languages offered with Motor Voter screens from only English and Spanish to an additional 12 options. The enhancement is in place at 89 of 97 PennDOT locations and the rollout will be complete in a few weeks. This will greatly reduce the chances of PennDOT’s non-citizen customers inadvertently clicking through the screen.

Motor Voter screens are in 14 languages???? Are our street signs in 14 languages????~tannngl

“The Department of State, the Department of Transportation and Pennsylvania’s county election professionals are committed to protecting the rights of eligible citizens to vote. The freedom we cherish was built on this right and generations of Americans have fought to remove unfair barriers to this right.”

Now we’re talking about suppressing the vote???? When the article is about voter fraud????

Excuse me????

Isn’t voter fraud a felony???


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