How the Government Made You Fat

I quit listening to medical science and the government and lost a ton of weigh!

I went keto!


About tannngl

Believer (God the Father, the Son and Messiah, the Holy Spirit), daughter, wife, mother, memaw, RN, hobbit, street evangelist I love people, music, reading, praying, studying the Bible, keeping up with national news and politics. I am a strict constructionist, a true American. I love my country. I honor her warriors. I am thankful for our Constitution and will personally bear arms for it.
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2 Responses to How the Government Made You Fat

  1. CW says:

    That was excellent, tannngl!

    What a perfect illustration of how government and so-called “science” can be a dangerous mixture.

    Needless to say it brings to mind the government “experts” warning us about the dangers of climate change and the way that so many Americans have fallen predictably in line.

    Will we never learn our lesson?

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    • tannngl says:

      In a word, no.

      Humans never remember history or else we would have learned something.

      I’ve been telling my docotor about this for years. He then talks about “that little ‘diet’ of yours”. He looks down on it! My weight for my 5 ft 8 inches is 130 pounds, down from 175 lb. My energy is great at 73 and labs are great! Wonder why he doesn’t see this?

      Government and medical science did this to us. I’ve been educating everyone I know but once people are in these high carb diets and actually believe fat is bad it’s almost impossible to change.

      Thanks for watching this, CW! And your great comments.

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