Fox News has lost 40% of its Viewers

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera to Trump Supporters: “Stop acting like spoiled brats. Or worse, the lunatic fringe.”

Video below.

Say, why don’t we check in with Fox News’ super-dynamite ratings from last Wednesday?

(Note: these are the ratings for “the demo,” adults 18 to 49.)

Tucker Carlson is down to 12th place. Not a slight about Tucker; it’s his Fake News network that’s dragging him down.

He’s below Rachel Maddow. 

And Erin Burnett. 

And Fredo Cuomo. 

And Wolf Blitzer. 

And CNN Tonight. 

And CNN Newsroom.

Sean Hannity who used to win most nights, is now below Jake Tapper’s 3pm show. In 19th place.

Laura Ingraham is down to 24th place.

There are Fox’s top-rated shows — at 12th, 19th, and 24th. 

The shows with the least damage suffered due to Fox’s hard left turn.

The only other Fox News show to even make the top 50 are The Five, at 39, and Shannon Bream, at 45.

None of Fox’s daytime ” ” ” news ” ” ” shows are in the top 50.

On Friday, it was even worse. Tucker fell to 36, Hannity fell to 34.

Laura Ingraham fell to the 60s.

Congratulations, Fox.

And keep having your loudmouthed leftwingers like Geraldo, Chris Wallace, Christ Stirewalt, and the rest of the “Brain Room” keep running their mouths like your network is still dominating the ratings in first place.

You just keep on writing checks on last year’s bank account, Fox.

Let’s see how truly low you can go.”

This was cute:

Geraldo never really was conservative. Now he fits right in with the pinkos at @Foxnews.

Keep this up and they are toast.


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4 Responses to Fox News has lost 40% of its Viewers

  1. CW says:

    Let’s not bicker and argue over something so trivial as a stolen election, eh?

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