Conservatives are living rent free in Democrat’s heads

Conservatives are living rent free in Democrat’s heads

I Wish Trump Supporters Knew How Easily They’re Disrupting The Media & Democrats’ Fun

This is WELL worth the read. Read here or at the above url. Feel better!


“I used to only watch MSNBC and CNN because hearing arguments made by narrative-shaping Democrat party leaders like Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper made me sharper and more honest about who and what we’re up against. But when COVID-19 took center stage I just couldn’t sit through the same predictable drivel. It was too painful. It was too serious. They had literally shut our country down. They weren’t just sniping about the moment’s political goings-on, and/or the longer term implications. They literally shut our country down. Our schools. Our churches. Our businesses. They stunted the development of literally every child in America and created exponentially more massive downstream consequences, health-related and otherwise, than would’ve ever been presented by the virus alone. By forcing everyone into masks they stripped us of our collective engagement, understanding and individual humanity and made us instead walking advertisements for fear, resentment, powerlessness and anger.

I’m an introverted person (INFJ) who’s long welcomed working from home etc, but by April 2020 I was already feeling the pain of my extroverted friends and family, not to mention the general malaise that blanketed our nation thanks the media’s incessant efforts to depress, divide and ultimately destroy us and our nation. They were mad at us for electing President Trump, and they were going to punish our entire country for it until they got their way. It’s as simple as that.

And then, finally, they got their way.

Or so they thought.

But I’m telling you and have been for a few weeks now, things aren’t falling in line like they hoped. And they’re all absolutely confounded over it. They’re absolutely enraged that despite everything they did — the hoax Russia trash, the hoax Ukraine trash, the 24×7 onslaught of negative reporting, the stoking of massive division and destruction across our nation, the weaponizing of a virus for social and political gain and finally the wildly questionable behavior before, during and after the election — after everything they did to ultimately get rid of Trump and give Democrats total power, they still feel like they have none.

And there are a few good reasons for that.

But you are the big reason.

You still have all the power, and they can’t explain it. You’re stuck in their craw. You’re living rent-free in their heads. We have smart and powerful people fighting for us still in the government, and we’re a glacial force in the political and cultural undercurrents. And everyone with power across every plane of our nation, and likely world, knows and feels it. And there’s nothing they can do about it.

They thought they had us licked. They thought they did everything they could, and they finally got us. And now it’s a Harris-Biden Administration with a Democrat-led Congress.

Simple. Right?

Well I decided a few days ago to switch back to CNN for the first time in a while just to see how they’re covering things.

My word.

They are furious. I mean just absolutely furious. They were never even close to this mad while Trump was President. Never. This is so much different and, frankly, good.

No that’s bad. We don’t want them mad. We fear them!

Oh please. These people seem so massive — the legacy news media, Hollywood, tech oligarchs, academia — but they’re paltry compared to this country and the power of its people. And while many millions of us right now think we’ve been cast aside and no longer even really exist, you couldn’t be more wrong.
You’re living rent-free right now in their heads in a massive way. I’ve truly never seen them so fiery and angry. I’m talking specifically about Chris Cuomo, Jake Tapper and Don Lemon. Sweet mercy they’re furious and it’s all because their great plan that they invested so much in and they were so certain worked so perfectly, has instead failed so spectacularly.
They have no mandate. They have only chaos and obstruction. And it’s not “the new normal” as the media will undoubtedly lament and pretend to portray. It’s them reaping what they’ve sown, and our maintaining a wide open lane for that winning streak we’ve been enjoying for 5+ years now.
(Thank you, President Trump!)
The left — enabled and promoted most effectively the last several decades by the legacy news media — has already gone off the cliff. What we’re seeing right now as they struggle collectively to assert their authority is that awful weightlessness before the imminent splat. I don’t know how long it will take. A meaningful knockout blow won’t come with a midterm. It probably won’t even come with another presidency in 2024, be it Trump’s or someone else’s. I just know it’s happening. I started looking at the right more closely when I entered adulthood 25 years ago largely because I was born a pretty empathetic person, and I saw the good people on the right just getting crushed culturally and otherwise by a meaner, richer, more powerful, angrier and more dangerous left.
Now I’m watching all that ugliness become more exposed in the same cultural undercurrents where it thrived. It’s happening. It’s happening upstream from politics, which is also responding to it at this point.
It’s a good thing, and I wish more Trump supporters and the America First movement more broadly knew it was happening. But most of you are busy doing better things with your time. Good. You deserve it. But for those who are just feeling terribly, oh man, please buck up already because I’m telling you good things are happening in the world because of who you are and what you do every day as great individuals and Americans. And all those people who hate you and seem to wield so much power and influence over our lives (because that’s how the legacy news media narrate our national story), they’re all mad as hell right now because yours is the only real power anyone is talking about or responding to, and so many of the people they hoped would back down are instead carrying on as sure-footed as ever.”

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