Election, 2020

READ: https://time.com/5936036/secret-2020-election-campaign/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_term=politics_2020-election&linkId=110717147

About tannngl

Believer (God the Father, the Son and Messiah, the Holy Spirit), daughter, wife, mother, memaw, RN, hobbit, street evangelist I love people, music, reading, praying, studying the Bible, keeping up with national news and politics. I am a strict constructionist, a true American. I love my country. I honor her warriors. I am thankful for our Constitution and will personally bear arms for it.
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2 Responses to Election, 2020

  1. CW says:

    I cannot adequately express my anger at the garbage that was written in Time.

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    • tannngl says:

      I see this as an arrogant description of the left’s rigging of the election. With out fear, they are telling us how they did it and put their empty suit in the Executive Office. The left is now unafraid to tell us to our faces who they are and what they do and will do to keep their power, their tyranny. It’s GROSS.

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