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Tweet of the Day!

The #Love of #God toward you is like the Amazon River flowing down to water a single daisy ~ Quotes for #Christians https://t.co/RQFeXy1IGU — XTOLZ – Terry Novich (@XTOLZ) May 4, 2018  

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Facing Reality About Life on Other Planets: Moon, Atmosphere, and Mass

These are blog posts by ‘Creation Evolution’ blog which shows the many characteristics that make our lives possible and interesting on earth. Really amazing stuff. I’ll link all 3 blog posts on this subject for your enjoyment. …I would like … Continue reading

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Father’s Love Letter – TRUTH

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Today is Christmas!

We celebrate the God who created everything and who actually became part of his own creation in a way. Amazing when you think about it. Unspeakable love.

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